Do you leak urine during normal, everyday activities?

Nearly 1 in 31 women ages 18 and older suffer

from unexpected bladder leaks - also known

as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

This can happen during normal physical activities such as:

     Laughing       Sneezing       Coughing       Exercise

SUI can greatly diminish a m quality of life, and often limits professional, social, sexual, and recreational activities. SUI occurs when abdominal pressure “pushes” on the bladder during physical activity causing urine to leak. As the illustration to the right shows, this sudden increase in bladder pressure results in urine loss.

Patient satisfaction with current treatment options has been limited. In patient studies, women have expressed a desire for a non-surgical option2. For some women, muscle training exercises (Kegels, biofeedback, etc.) can help improve bladder control during periods of stress. However, for those women who respond to this treatment, regular routine exercise is required to provide sustained benefit.

A variety of surgical operations are available to treat SUI. The most common is the sling procedure, in which the middle part of the urethra is surgically supported to reduce urine leakage. Although surgery for SUI can be effective for some women, these procedures have higher complication rates, require general or spinal anesthesia, and require a longer recovery period.


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